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How it works

1. Select your consultation package

We offer a variety of treatment options to suit your needs and schedule.

2. Fill in our online consultation form

You may have experienced a ‘face to face’ Physiotherapy assessment, where you are asked several questions about your condition and then had a physical assessment.
So you may be wondering how Physiotherapy can help if we are not carrying out “hands on” treatment.
The answer to this is simple – as Physiotherapists gain more experience and become highly skilled, they will have enough information after initial questioning to gain an accurate diagnosis.
Filling in our online evaluation form gives you time to think about answers regarding your condition rather than being put on the spot to give an immediate answer.
Have you ever left an appointment and thought I wish I had said this or asked that?
By being able to fill in our evaluation form in your own time, means vital information will not be missed.
Also, by having access to email 24/7 you will be able to ask any questions you think of, instead of having to save them up for the next appointment.

3. Make a secure payment through PayPal via debit/credit card or PayPal account

4. Your physiotherapist will contact you

Your Physiotherapist will contact you via email to arrange a consultation, at a date and time convenient to you.
Being able to contact your Physiotherapist from any location means you have access to expert Physiotherapy care from virtually anywhere in the world, eliminating the ‘post code lottery’!

5. Your consultation will take place via Skype and/or email

During your consultation you will be asked for additional specific information, and may be asked to perform certain movements or upload video clips so we can finalise the assessment. After this, we will explain your diagnosis and how we reached this conclusion. A personalised treatment plan will be devised for you and sent via the ‘PT Momentum‘ app or email. We will then be in contact with you to find out how you are getting on.

6. Keeping track of your progress

Here at Personal Physio Online our interactive exercise programme is managed via ‘PT Momentum‘. This enables your Physiotherapist to send you your training programme, calculates your progress based on how well you complete your prescribed exercises and sends your progress back to your Physiotherapist to update and modify your programme.

Your Physiotherapist will also ensure your exercises are being completed correctly via video messages or Skype.

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Liverpool, Sheffield, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast, Dublin, Essex, Hertfordshire, Surrey